Welcome to the Borawski Ancestral Tree. This Tree has grown up and out with beautiful leafed branches about our Borawski ancestors. Many Borawski genealogists have given freely to this Tree so that it could rise up and enrich the heritage of us all. We long to have you apart of this wonderful family here by adding your Borawski branch and therefore continuing the legacy for our children and our future. God with you!

Feature Articles

feature 1 The Beginning Sometime prior to 1421 a clan of family members settled a village just southwest of present day Przytuly. How they came to be there is not known (at this time). The family, as we know them now, were the Borawski.

feature 2 Places Named Borawskie There are a few places in Poland that are named for or after the Borawski surname. More research is being done into the history and story.

feature 3 The Meaning of Borawski What does Borawski mean? Read this letter from Instytut Jezyka Polskiego PAN on the names origin.

feature 4 Borawski on the WWW This blog features Borawski surname holders on the World Wide Web (WWW). Many interest stories and articles written on our wonderful surname.

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